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    Hello, my name is Serena Mann and I am the founder of Heavenly Hearts Family Learning Place.

     I will tell anyone that I was very blessed to find my calling early in life and it was to educate young children and give them the proper tools they needed to be successful in every aspect of their life.
     I've had the opportunity to observe over the past 12 years that the environment a person is exposed to will have a lot of influence on the development and mindset of that individual. When people are underexposed to financial literacy, proper nutrition lack of emotional support, and lack of personal and professional development it often leads to a cycle of poverty and unfulfilled life. A mindset of scarcity and a feeling of entrapment, seeing no other options than the ones they previously have been experiencing.
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Our Mission
We are looking to break the chains of bondage that keep people limited in any aspect of their life. Physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. This spring we will open a Holistic Technology Innovation Center in the city of Portsmouth, Virginia, and offer a community resource program that will hold free workshops to teach people how to better understand the concepts that will let them be successful in their finances, support groups for various emotional issues, community fitness challenges and nutritional support and science, technology, engineering, art, and math labs that will expose individuals to different interest that will help them align with their purpose and career paths.


New Innovation Center
The reason why I am so passionate about this cause is that it's exciting to know that we are raising a nation of children who will be confident in who they are and who will think limitlessly. A nation of people who are the very definition of innovative. I also am excited that parents who may not have been exposed to these concepts early on are not left out of the equation. They will have access to adult workshops as well that will help them develop new skills and positive outlets of self-expression. My belief is that this will help them pursue ideas that at one point in time were only a thought and because of their limited thinking and lack of resources they weren't able to put their dreams into motion.

I am asking you to help me raise money for a cause that is bigger than you and me. Something that will revolutionize the way people think and change lives forever. Everyone has a calling in their life and helping people align with their purpose through positive outlets of self-expression is mine.

I definitely cannot do this by myself because alone I am limited but together we are limitless!
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Why do children need to develop holistically? 

According to compelling Early Childhood Education research studies by Bautista, in their study published in the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, the framework argued that children learn best in supportive environments that encourage exploration and discovery through play and interaction.

Bevendean, a Pre-Preparatory day school of Danes Hill School in Oxshott, Surrey, England enjoys a fun and engaging environment where children are exposed to different kinds of activities that help them in their holistic growth. You may access their video through this link. The emergence of holistic study environments continue to emerge as five other more schools in different countries adopt this method as shown in this documentary video report.

The question remains, Why do children need to develop holistically? Nowadays, most companies or organizations not only consider a student’s overall academic performance but also consider the holistic development of students when they recruit for various jobs. This makes the holistic development of students in schools and colleges very important.

Gone are the days when parents used to spend their entire day with their child. With the way technology is advancing and education methods changing, the parents are now interested in making their children more engaged and involved in almost all facets of learning. Holistic development meaning has attained a lot of importance in parenting.

Right from the very beginning, a child is exposed to a variety of sports and activities that enable him/her to learn new things. This has resulted in a complete change in the way students are taught in schools as well. With the advent of new-age technologies and teaching methods, the overall holistic development of a child in pre-schools has become a necessity. For the same reasons, the holistic development of students at primary and secondary schools has also become crucial.

What children require today in schools and in the community is not just academic lessons. A schooling and learning system that helps a child understand his or her self, emotions, and mental duress while teaching him or her how to build up healthy and functional relationships as well as develop resilience and team spirit is the true form of education.

Such a system boosts the morale of a student so that they can go on to achieve greater heights in their careers while becoming upstanding citizens of the society who contribute to the growth and development of the country. Hence, the holistic development of students is very important right from the beginning of school-going years.

School leaders, teachers, parents and community leaders must ensure that the school and early childhood education curriculum is integrated with various co-curricular activities to ensure the holistic development of students.

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